Friday, January 22, 2010

a transition

"See, he smoked." Wyona had proof. They were back at Andrew's house. The visit hadn't been much of one since he'd been sleeping.  Heath, guessed that Andrew knew he was there. He wasn't sure, and he knew there was only so much he could do. Wyona kept telling Heath how he wanted to talk to him. He had things to tell him. It haunted Heath a little, but he had Nick there for support. It would be OK. He had to keep telling himself.  Of course, there was bigger news to share. Wyona was having a baby. Heath didn't ask her for the longest time. Maybe he wouldn't even ask, but he couldn't help but look.

"Just say it," Wyona grinned. "I know you're dying to know."

"Well, its kind of obvious." Heath smiled back wondering just what she'd gotten herself into.

"No, its not his. I met a stylist from France." She said rather proudly. "Except he's there and  I'm here. I've been staying here, you know, since, well, Andrew got sick."

"When did it happen?" Heath wondered.

"Months ago." She beamed. "Oh, you mean Andrew? Not long after you two broke up. He thought it was just a cough that wouldn't go away. The doctors didn't think it was anything, and then it suddenly was. He must have quit smoking over a decade ago. Said it took him forever to quit."

Heath felt sad now. But he had to go back. He knew he had to see Andrew. He had too. At least when he went back Andrew was awake and alert. Naturally, Andrew looked older and more frail than Heath remembered.

When he saw that look on his face, Heath knew it was best to keep it light and simple. Not think about the past. Just the moment.

"Hey," he was all smiles.

Heath shook his hand, told him about teaching, about show choir, about living on his own in a rural town.

"Sounds like an adventure," Andrew said.

"Yeah, well, kind of." Heath smiled and he told him about Nick, that's when Andrew asked to meet him so he did.

Heath felt himself waver a bit. It was hard not to cry. He didn't want to, but he had too. He guessed this was closure. He just didn't know the door would be so hard to close.


mazzie may said...

That would be such an uneasy moment.

Holly said...

I so love this picture of matthew modine.

natalie said...

It must have been pretty hard for Heath to see Andrew like that. Hopefully it will bring him closure though.

simon n josh said...

wow, its very hard, but I think Andrew was positive.