Friday, January 15, 2010

there is no such thing as a house in the country

Heath still hadn't quite digested the fact that Wyona had called him. At least, she hadn't shown up, but still....

"How did you know where I was, anyway?" He winced later when he was on his cell with her back at his place. He definitely, didn't want to have a conversation with her on the school phone. She was an old friend from college. She was part of his circle of friends when he was with Andrew, the drama professor back in college. She was like the big sister he never had, but he hadn't talked to her since leaving Andrew and hooking up with Nick.

"I have my ways," she sounded her smart self as usual, only he wasn't sure how smart she was to get involved with Andrew, his old ex.

"You shouldn't have called the school." He was angry about that.

"How else was I going to get a hold of you about Andrew?" She then said.

"I don't even want to know about Andrew. I could care less, what is going on with him. He's means nothing to me." Suddenly, Heath was angry. This would have to be about Andrew.

"He's sick. Really, sick, Heath, and he's been asking for you." She finally told him.

Heath still felt indifferent about him. He couldn't imagine him sick. He sat down in the wicker sofa in his livingroom. This was news. He wasn't sure he wanted to hear this.

"What's wrong with him?" Heath dully asked.

"Cancer." She told him. "Lung cancer."

"But he never smoked." Heath gritted and thought of all the times Andrew had told him to stop smoking. A slow gripping pain pulsed in his chest as if this had been all his fault even if he rarely ever smoked around him. Oddly, he never smoked around Nick. Didn't even want to. He'd actually quite smoking.

"He's not doing well, Heath. He just didn't go in soon enough, I guess." It was hard for her to say the words.

"What am I suppose to do?" He found himself saying as if they were family when normally he'd never feel that way about Andrew. They'd had their differences. He thought of how mean Andrew could be and how they'd had a fight and how he'd left him in the middle of nowhere.

"He wants to see you."

Heath shook his head. He didn't want to see him. Tears creeped around the corner of his eyes. Heath listened to her tell him where he was, and how she'd be there if he wanted to see him. Heath couldn't say another word to Wyona.


natalie said...

Oh my goodness, lung cancer?! That's terrible! It will be painful, but I think Heath should go see him D:

the oaks said...

such terrible news.

Winnie said...

Gosh, that is so scary :(