Saturday, January 9, 2010

something from home

The package had arrived.

Heath smiled. Wondering what was this. It had been sent back in December by Nick at his old address, but with all the bad weather, it was just now getting here. Nick hadn't mentioned it. It was a pleasant surprise.

Heath picked it up and unlocked his door. He put it on the kitchen table, took off his coat and heated up the kettle right away. His fingers touched the box as if he were reaching out and touching the collar of Nick's shirt, perhaps. He smiled, thinking of him. He smiled more and ripped into the package.

The box was full of things like socks, and cans of soup, something for shaving and even a few Heath candy bars. Heath laughed.

He found the card then that Nick had sent. Of course, it had been written before he decided to take a chance on seeing him. Heath's eyes filled with tears. He missed him so much.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Heath winced. Why couldn't people leave him alone? He knew he had to answer it. It was Maria.

"I heard you got a package." She smiled so innocently.

Heath sucked in a breath. He didn't even want to ask how she knew. People couldn't wait to open their door as soon as they heard him in the hallway. Heath was certain, he wanted his own place far away from this town.


natalie said...

Aww, the package from Nick sounds adorable, especially the Heath bars hehe. Maria's bad timing is unfortunate though :P

ivy's closet said...

aw, I love packages..cute about the Heath bars.