Saturday, January 16, 2010

some-thing's up

Nick felt more alone than he'd ever felt in a long while. Even if things were supposedly great. He had a major and he had a job. Still those two things made him feel so lost. Perhaps it was not having friends in those places even if he knew that would take time, but suddenly, he didn't want to take the time. He needed to talk to someone now. Face to face. But there was only his cell so he texted Heath.

I hate my life.

a few minutes later Heath texted back.

? u ok

Next thing Nick's cell was ringing.

"Don't scare me like that," Heath said.

"Sorry. I didn't meant to- I didn't. Its just I dunno, about this job." Nick closed his eyes and laid back in bed cradling the big book of Dynix.

"Its not like you're digging ditches, now are you?" Nick could tell Heath wanted him to snap out of it.

"I know." Nick bit his bottom lip.

"You could be out in the elements, delivering mail. There are tons of worst jobs, you know. Take mine for instances." Heath told him.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm just a little down. That's all." Nick winced.

"Well, stop it, will you?"

"I promise I won't text you like that." Nick frown.

"No, you text me what ever you want. Its have to give this job a chance. And there's a chance I might come home for the weekend."

"Really?" Nick sat up then and the heavy book fell in the floor. The binder slightly cracked. Nick held his breath for a second. "You mean it?"

"Yeah, I have some things to take care of. And you'll be free for the weekend, won't you?" Heath asked.

"Of course." Nick smiled. He fell back on his pillow once more. Nick could hardly wait.


the oaks said...

Nick...I like the fact that you sense how young he is about so many things.

Ivyoaks said...

I guess that's one way to get him to call.

Holly said...

I think this would be such a hard transition for Nick.