Wednesday, January 20, 2010

less likely

Nick wasn't sure what he was supposed to expect. This trip with Heath. Sure, he'd listen to Heath talk to his parents about Andrew and his past with him. Of course, he left out the details he knew too well about the professor. He'd hurt Heath. It was still something Heath wouldn't even bring up to him. So it felt so artifical to spend the first twenty minutes of their ride there talking about the interior of Heath's 4-wheel drive.

"OK, you can stop it now." Heath looked over at him. "I know what your thinking. How could I even think of going to see him."

"He hurt you, Heath," Nick winced. "He should be in jail."

Heath shook his head.

"Don't you dare tell me you asked for it! Because you didn't. You didn't." Nick sighed.

"I just don't want to talk about it. I wanted out. OK. I really did. Its just it wasn't easy. You know, I felt tied down. I just wasn't ready." Heath admitted.

"So what are you trying to prove today?" Nick looked at him.

"I dunno." Heath shrugged. "That I'm OK. That, that I didn't need him. I never needed him like he said I did."

"You won't say it, I know you won't." Nick shook his head.

"Maybe I'll just introduce you. That's all I need to do." Heath nodded. "That's all I need to do."



so great story!

many kisses and thanks for doing it!

Holly said...

I can see why Nick would be this way.

natalie said...

It's good that Heath has Nick there with him, to be concerned for him and everything. Hopefully to protect him from something like that happening to him again D: