Thursday, January 14, 2010

just because

Nick straightened his tie. Mr. Ubanks always wore a suit. He thought he could get by with just a gray cardigan from Heath's closet.

"How do I look?" He wore a white shirt and dark slacks. He came home from classes as quickly as he could to change and had forgot lunch. His stomach now growled when he saw Amber in the kitchen making herself a sandwich. He didn't think to ask why she was even home.

"Great." She shrugged.

"What's the matter?" He winced.


"You have to stop saying that. Just spill it, will you?" Nick looked at her.

"You went out with girls?" She winced then as if that was his biggest sin.

"Yes." He smiled.

"And you had a girlfriend?"

"Technically, Kyle knew her first." He shrugged. When he saw her look, he knew that was the wrong answer. "Look, I just dated mostly in high school."

"Heath never did." She told him.

It had never occurred to Nick to even ask Heath if he dated girls in high school. It just never came up.

"He didn't?" Nick smiled out of shock, perhaps. "Well, I wish I hadn't,OK?"

She just nodded and went back to her sandwich. He was about to go.

"Why are you home?" He turned back to her.

"To make you a sandwich, I guess." She smiled and handed it to him. "I'm getting ready for a basketball game." She looked at him as he sat down to each the ham sandwich then.

"And Kyle said he'd come." She told him.

"I knew he liked you." Nick smiled. She handed over the bag of Doritos then. Seriously, he was glad she'd made him the sandwich.

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