Saturday, January 2, 2010

it couldn't be that simple

Nick didn't want to take his time getting back to Heath's parents. He knew there wasn't much time before his classes started. Hopefully, the weather wouldn't hinder his schedule. There was so much to do and yet he still didn't have a job yet.

Amber had mentioned the library.

"I doubt they are hiring, but you could always volunteer." She'd suggested. He liked the idea. He was restless as it was. Not sure how this teacher's college would be. It was a farming community. He was sure everyone would look at him as this city boy. Of course, it there ever was a city boy, it was definitely Heath.

Nick still couldn't imagine Heath growing up on a farm. Talk about a fish out of water. No wonder he left. But he didn't think Heath entirely hated life on the farm. Although, it was just different. The whole community was different here than where Nick grew up. True, his town had that hometown appeal about it, but this was definitely small town America. If you blinked, you might miss the town all together. As it was he hadn't even found the library yet.

"Are you sure there is... even a library?" Nick had asked Amber before he left.

"Yes," she laughed at him. "Its one of the oldest buildings here. I'll take you when you get back."

So this was what he had to look forward too. New school. New classes and a very old library awaited him.


Benazir said...

Happy New Year :)
And thank you so much for all the kind comments. It's nice to know someone else understands :)

Cait said...

aw, hope Nick finds something.

the oaks said...

always need to find the lib.

dapper kid said...

I think a new setting is always a good change, even if he's hesitant now, I'm sure he'll end up surprising himself :)