Thursday, January 7, 2010

getting it together

Heath finally got the show choir together to see what they were made of. It was a little strange since he was a bit more drama than musical. At least, he'd always felt that way, but if you wanted to be in theater you had to at least have an edge on all of it.

"OK, lets see what we've got." He looked at the kids on the stage. There were a total of 8 of them. "Is this it?" He was certain there needed to be more voices.

"Yeah, I guess." One tall geeky boy spoke up.

"I thought there were at least a dozen?" Heath didn't have an official list or anything. "But maybe less is better." That would be a lot of people he imagined, especially when keeping them all in harmony.

Naturally, the kids looked at him as if he was suppose to make them magically appear, he guessed.

"What will you be singing?"

He didn't get much of an answer. Some girl gave him a wince.

"What's the matter?"

"Do we have to sing something from the hymn book?" She asked.

"Is that what you normally do?" Heath felt more uncomfortable than he thought possible. "Just sing what you went to in the competition."

Again, everyone looked at each other as if that would be impossible.

He hopped up on the gym stage with them. He guessed they'd just have to have a jam session of some kind.

"All right then. I'll start a tune since, we don't have a piano player. And the key is, is to use our voices to make music, right?"

A few nodded.

"Start with making sounds. Anyone, give us a beat with percussion?" He had no idea what any of them were capable of.

Finally, he got someone to raise his hand, so small and meek.

"That's a plus." He smiled.

They were definitely going to have to work on the basics before the harmony ever got started. And who knows when the drama would actually fit in. At this rate, never. But at the moment they had to have some fun. Together.

"Lets try Blur's song 2." Heath loved that song. But from their looks, maybe something on You Tube might inspire them when it came to A CAPPELLA.

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the oaks said...

That would be the worst part. Getting to know the kids for something like that.