Monday, January 11, 2010

a bad math problem

"So now you know why I didn't go there," Heath said into his cell to Nick. "I definitely did not fit in. Besides they have a rotten drama program." Of course, it didn't really matter now, he thought, thinking drama was pretty rotten in these parts. He was stuck with a show choir that were used to old ballads like Lean on Me.

He'd spent most of his weekend in his classroom trying to make sure he had everything covered for his religious classes. He felt as if he were on pins and needles, making sure the bulletin boards were as professional as possible, and positive, too . What had he got himself into?

"I met Mr. Ubank's son, Jack." Nick then told him after Heath thanked him for the package that had finally got to him.

"Jack?" He hadn't heard that name in sometime. He wasn't sure what he could say.

"You know him?" Nick wanted to know.

"Uh," Heath had to think if he really wanted to say anything more about Jack. "Yeah, yeah, we went to school together." He bit his bottom lip. He hadn't seen him since high school. Heath turned off the iron and sat down on his bed. A chill came over him. Nick had met Jack. He hadn't heard from him in so long that he thought perhaps he'd gotten as far away from his hometown as Heath had. What was he doing back in town?

"Anything the matter?" He heard Nick's voice.

"No. No, there's nothing the matter." Heath gritted.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Heath wasn't sure what else to say. He just hoped Jack left Nick alone.


natalie said...

Heath sounds like he's kind of getting in over his head with everything! I wonder what the story with Jack is though O:

fan fic said...

I am curious about this Jack.