Wednesday, January 13, 2010

as it was

Two bad things had already happened today.

Heath wondered what else could go wrong as he did his best to clean up the mess.

1. The Pope's picture fell off the wall.

2. Mother Mary's statue on the shelf had cracked into pieces, as well, when it hit the floor.

"Must be a polterquist," said some student as he was leaving. Everytime the bell rang a student would rush in and ask if anything else broke. It hadn't. Just a prank of some kind, Heath imagined even if every student swore they hadn't a thing to do with it.

Naturally, Father Keegan thought it was funny.

Heath just smiled back and listened to the old priest. Of course, Father Keegan wanted to know if his apartment was warm enough and if he was getting enough sleep.

"You need your rest, remember." He gave Heath a pat on the back.

Yeah, Heath tried to smile as if that was the answer to everything. Hopefully, he'd get home and do just that but then as school was about to end, he got a message from the office. He had a phone call.

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natalie said...

Oooh, a poltergeist? Let's hope not.. that would be quite scary! And I wonder who's one the phone O: