Tuesday, January 5, 2010

amazingly so

"What? Are you kidding me?" Heath was thrilled to hear the news from Nick that night on his cell.

"Yeah, it was kind of odd. I didn't go in to get a job, you know." Nick told him.

"But I guess the director liked what he saw. Kind of a one man operation, I hear." Heath told him as he was ironing his pants for the next day.

He'd had a rather frazzled group this week at school. Perhaps winter was getting to them. No silly stuff, what so ever. What had he been doing right?

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It'll just be me and him?" Nick sounded nervous about that.

"I'm sure there has to be more than just him." Heath thought, at least.

"It was just him, the day I went," Nick said. "You think there would have been more people, you know."

"Well, farmers don't read that much." Heath sighed.

"What? Don't say that."

"I'm just kidding. I dunno. It is a small library." Heath knew.

"Yeah, that's for sure. Wish, I could have looked around more, but he was just so happy I was there. I hope this works out." Nick sounded upbeat.

"It will." Heath smiled thinking of Nick and how he'd last look on the morning he left. He closed eyes wishing he could touch him, smell him. The faint dream of Nick's lips on his lingered. He didn't want to forget that feeling. Never.

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The oaks said...

cool about the job. good that heath misses him, too.