Tuesday, January 12, 2010

about that

Nick was a little baffled when he got off the phone with Heath. Wasn't sure what that was about. Completely. At least, he got the package he'd mailed so long ago. Honestly, he was ready to do it again. Well, see him. Obviously. He smirked to himself. But at least, find another box of treasures to send him.

"Maybe we should put your name on it, you know." He shrugged seeing that Amber was watching him more on the phone than obviously doing her homework. She had her pencil in her mouth. He wanted to tell her that her brother would have said that wasn't very sanitary, but he decided not to be annoying.


"About sending Heath a package. You would think he was under lock and key there, you know. Always , everyone watching out for him. Neighbors greeting him in the hall." Nick sighed.

"I bet he hates that." She nodded.

"So what are you doing?" He sat down at the dining table with her. Heath's Mom had gone to the barn to get eggs.

"Nothing really." She confessed.

"Thought so. Something on your mind?" He asked.

"Kind of, but it shouldn't be. I'm not going to worry about it." She shrugged.

"Good. I guess."

"Its about Kyle." She then spoke about someone she's met over winter break thanks to Nick.

"Oh." Nick looked at her. "What about him?" Nick had grown up with Kyle. He definitely knew everything about him.

"Nothing." She sighed. She went back to her work sheet, and fumbled through a few pages in her government book. "I...I really like him."

"Well, he really likes you." Nick nodded.

"I guess." She didn't sound so sure.

"He does." Nick smiled. Kyle had came with his baby daughter Rosie to mid-night mass with her. That had to mean something, to her, he then thought.

"But I don't think he wants a girlfriend, because, you know, the rebound thing." She squinted.

"Rebound?" Nick squinted. "Kelsey was the rebound thing. You're not the rebound thing." He mentioned Kyle's ex then. He got up and suspected he better make himself read some more of those manuals Mr. Ubanks had laid out for him to read.

"Who is she, anyway?" Amber wanted to know.

"My ex-girlfriend." He sighed.

Amber looked at him funny. Nick left it at that. Enough said.

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Holly said...

That would be a shock to hear that from Nick.