Thursday, December 31, 2009

until then

Some New Years this would be.

Nick promised he wouldn't cry when he left Heath, and he didn't until he drove away. He just couldn't get enough of him, and perhaps Heath was just the same. Even so, he could imagine how Heath drove back too. Just the thought of him stayed on his mind, wishing they could have spent one more day.

"No, I have to be back there. Really make an effort. Mainly, get my classroom in order, and probably go to New Year's Mass." Heath told him.

Nick couldn't imagine there even being a New Year's Day Mass, but Heath reminded him he'd missed New Year's Eve Mass. Nick just shook his head, hoping this Father Keegan wasn't trying to make Heath a priest. Then it gave him a shiver of how terrible it might be if they found out Heath was gay.

It was just for the rest of the school year. Didn't mean Heath had to stay there forever. But what if someone caught on to this lie he was living? What then?

Nick was scared for him.

He drove back to Heath's parents. His stuff was there. He was so tired now. All he wanted to do was sleep after four hours of driving.

"Is there anything I can do?" He asked Heath's Mom, Alice.

"Don't think so." She warmed up a plate of leftovers for him. "So how did Heath look?"

"Not bad." Nick let an impish smile slip. "Not bad at all."


Benazir said...

Nice :)
I'm really enjoying this
Who is the other actor you've used... I know one is Tom Felton. Who is the other?

heath and nick said...

"Nick" is Dylan Patton.

Jared said...

Hm, is this based on something?

Okay. So, my computer decided to break down even though it was only a few years old. So I got a new one for Christmas. I could have used a different computer, but might be kinda risky with my parents. Hah.

The reason it says Tom now is for a few reasons. One, my friend had bookmarked the page and her parents who are total freaks found out about it so to prevent trouble I changed it. And Em decided I should tell my teacher about the webpage. So I don't want my teacher knowing I wrote it. Then my other friend wanted to read it, and Em said I should change the name so he won't know I wrote it. So yeah.

Btw, if you want to email me, email this email.

the oaks said...

I think its sweet.