Wednesday, December 16, 2009

traveling Dramamine

"Look, you still have to get out of bed." Roger jerked the covers off of Nick. "Do you know what time it is?"

"No." Nick made an effort to talk except his throat hurt so much, and he couldn't be sure if he were really sick, or it had to do from the grief that he knew no one wanted to talk about. It was true. He felt lost. And hurt. "Can't I just stay in bed?"

"You need food. You need us."

"Did Olivia put you up to this?" Nick squinted.

"Does it matter?" Roger stared back at him. Nick wasn't moving. He wrapped himself up in his blanket and turned away from Roger. It was then he felt Roger's weight on the corner of the bed.

"I don't understand," Roger said. "You didn't even have sex with this guy."

"It doesn't matter." Nick closed his eyes.

"Think of all the times you two could have been, you know-"

"I know. I get it." Nick shut his eyes tight with bitterness. "Its not like I didn't want to, all right." Nick looked back at Roger so slightly and sighed heavily in to the pillow that smelled of Heath. Sweet like an oatmeal cookie.

"Why? Why didn't it happen?" Roger questioned.

"I dunno. Exactly. I think Heath was afraid he'd hurt me. Or maybe it was that he was hurt, you know." Nick blinked back tears. Nick didn't want anyone but Heath.

But he was gone now. He was pretty certain he didn't want him calling him until after the new year.

"You have Christmas to look forward too." Heath had said so optimistic those few minutes before he got in his four wheel drive to take off to west Nebraska.

Of course, Nick really didn't care about Christmas at all now. He just wanted to stay in bed.

"Look, don't you have a couple of tests to take before Christmas starts?" Roger reminded him.

"Maybe." Nick muttered.

"Well, you better get cracking." Roger informed him. "I called Ravi. He's coming over and you better be ready because, you know, he only has a few hours before his tests. He's taking you. We want to make sure you get there."

"Thanks." Nick wasn't pleased about it. Couldn't he just call in sick?


miriam (Björn Borg) said...

thank you for your sweet comment!

i like this! will have to make sure i don't miss the next post...

natalie said...

Thank for the comment! :) Is that Tom Felton in the header that I do spy...? Amazing :D <3

ellie said...

Yeap, that's Tom Felton =D

a degrassi moment said...

I feel bad for Nick.

Anonymous said...

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