Wednesday, December 30, 2009

thinking back

Heath felt quite sad at the thought of leaving Nick. He wished he hadn't thought it would be like this, to be away from him. He could hardly stand it.

"Maybe, this was a bad idea," Heath said to him later that night.

"No, it was not. It was the best idea yet." Nick shook his head. "We'll just have to do this more often. You can come see me."

Heath faintly smiled as he caressed Nick.

"God, it gonna be awful. I can't do this this." Heath was ready to melt into tears.

"You wanted this, remember? Teaching." Nick reminded him with a kiss.

"You just don't understand how old Father Keegan is. And if he found out about us, then, he'd be ready to burn me right in hell, I suppose." Heath shook his head.

"He's not going to find out." Nick promised. "Remember, its just til summer, then you can find something else. Public school."

Heath nodded. That was such a long way off. Right now, Nick was with him. And all he could think about was when he would see him, again.

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cait said...

The stress. Still. wow.