Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a stroll back

"That would really be weird, to be cousins." Nick smiled as they were walking back to the motel. They almost touch shoulders in the darkness, but broke away from touching as if some one might catch them.

"Especially, kissing cousins." Heath smiled back.

"I wonder if thats ever happened?" Nick winced.

"I hope not. That would be strange." Heath looked at him serious now. And then they laughed as if it was so funny.

It was cold. Nick shivered. He hoped Heath wouldn't talk about tomorrow or the day after. He wanted to savor this time as much as possible. But not outdoors in the cold. He was glad to get back to the motel room.

"I'm stuffed. Why did we decide on breakfast for supper?" Heath asked first thing when he shut the door behind him.

"Because we were starving." Nick leaned in and kissed Heath's smile. He couldn't wait to be with him. They needed more time to know each other. And this meant skin to skin. Enough of this talk. It was private time now. Nick hoped to never tire of it as he pressed his fingers under Heath's sweater and touched his abs.


Benazir said...

I am officialy hooked! Do NOT stop writing! haha
Hope you had a nice Christmas. Get anything nice? :)

natalie said...

I've finally caught up with what's going on here, so yay! Having breakfast for dinner is yummy indeed :D And awww, Nick and Heath are pretty darn sweet together, aren't they? :)