Friday, December 25, 2009

a small world

It was by accident, but Heath found out Maria lived just below him. He felt a bit awkward knocking on her door on his way out. He'd put a few things in his backpack. It wasn't much, but he'd decided to go. He so wanted to see Nick.

"Something came up," Heath said. "Its a family thing."

"Oh?" She was in her pajamas, eating a bowl of cereal. He wasn't sure if she was getting ready for bed or getting up for Mass. "Everything all right?"

"Yeah, it will be." He'd like to tell her about Nick, but he couldn't. He wouldn't dare. "I'm sorry, can't go to midnight mass with you."

"Its OK." She smiled. "Its great they don't have you directing anything at the moment, right?"

"Right?" He didn't want to even think about that. "Well, will you let them know. I won't be gone that long, or anything."

"OK, will do." She smiled. She shut the door on him.

Heath was on his way. He got out in the night air and looked to the heavens. He prayed he'd get there. He didn't want to keep Nick waiting. He got in the four wheel drive. It started right up. The temps weren't quite in the negatives. Perhaps it was too cold for snow. He turned on the radio. All he could get was a country station, but he kept it on just to have the news on.

A part of him was happy that Nick hadn't given up on him. Honestly, it felt amazing to know that Nick wanted to see him. He hadn't wanted to make him mad. Heath was sick of himself for letting him go like that. He was sure of it now, he needed Nick more than he thought.


simon n josh said...

cool new header!

the oaks said...

I'm glad he's going to see Nick.