Saturday, December 19, 2009

never easy being green

Heath wondered if they'd ever leave. It was way into the night. But he now had a TV. A small desk. A wicker sofa in the livingroom that he hoped no one sat in because it might break. And a tea kettle which he was using at the moment as he got on his lap top finally.

He decided to write Nick. He couldn't stop himself.


Yes, you are the dearest to me and honestly, I didn't mean to break your heart like this, but it just happened. I need to do this. See. if I'm really cut out for teaching. I dunno if I honestly have it in me.

As it is, well, where could I have you in my life at the moment. Its a Catholic school, you know, not sure how they'd take it. Might be frown upon. Its a farm and ranch community. Hopefully, it'll go well. Mass everyday.

God, I can only hope they don't try to run my social life. I won't have one. Naturally. This show choir seems to be the bees knees or something like it. I'm just not sure how great this will turn out. Anyway, I will be grading papers if I'm not stressing on choir.

I just don't want you to hate me. I really want to be with you. Honestly, I do. But I have to let you go. I have to.

Love you. Miss you terribly.


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Cait said...

well..that was sweet. glad he wrote him.