Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the little things

Why was Heath doing this to him? Nick was waiting for another e-mail from him. But nothing. Shouldn't school be out. There. It was here. He knew his parents expected him home. But he hadn't left yet. He was dreading the whole Rex thing. Who would be there this year with Rex?

"Well, you could send Heath a box," Olivia, one of his roommates suggested.

"A box?" Nick just winced. What good would that do?

"I'm sure he'd love to have something from you. He's all alone." Olivia had the box. It wasn't huge. Just something she'd gotten from the post office.

"I don't even have time for this, you know that." Nick winced thinking this was going to be pathetic.

"Yes, you do," Olivia smiled. "You think about him constantly. At least you'll be doing something for him." She shrugged. "Lets got to the Dollar General and see what we can find. Not like you'll be sending him something expensive. Just little things like soap, and treats."

So they went and shopped for a few things for Heath. It did take his mind off being so sad about the situation. At least he was doing something. Something for Heath. Olivia helped pack it up, and they mailed it that day. Hopefully, it would get there before Christmas. But Nick doubted it.


Em said...

That's really sweet. And a great present idea!

ivy's closet said...

the little things do mean a lot.