Saturday, December 26, 2009

a little luck

Was it midnight when Heath got there? Nick really didn't notice, but soon after... the snow began to fall so quietly yet quickly. They stood there watching it on the balcony for a bit. Nick shivered. They went back in, and he could sense Heath's hesitation. And then Heath's lips met his, they kissed so, hungrily.

They couldn't get undressed fast enough. He saw the way Heath looked at him, and Nick smiled as he touched his abs and drew Heath in, on the bed. Nick breathed in Heath's warmth as he touched him.

"Just promise me, its not break up sex," Nick looked at Heath.

"I promise." Heath told him, and they kissed more and let things take its own course as they rolled into each other. Nick felt Heath's fingers across his jaw. He felt safe now. Perhaps a strength all of its own. And he was sure of it. They were equals, and they were in love.

Later, Nick got out the egg nog from the little fridge in the motel room.

"I hope you brought snacks." Heath mentioned. He got up to see it was still snowing outside. "I don't think we'll be going anywhere for awhile." It was blowing snow now, like a dull roar.

"Good." Nick smiled giving him a plastic cup. "So I have you all to myself then." That was worth a toast.

Heath just smiled back and took a sip.

"I got you something." Nick reached for the box then under the little lit tree.

"You really didn't have too." Heath shook his head.

"But I had to." Nick was serious. "Something for both of us. Actually."

"Really?" Heath cracked the ring box open and saw the rings. "Cool." He took one out held it between his index finger and thumb. "Will you marry me?"

Nick just smiled. He knew the answer to that. Heath slid the ring on Nick's wedding band finger. It felt as if the ring belonged there.

"I love you." Nick got the ring out of the box. "I always want to be with you, no matter how difficult you might make it." He put the ring on Heath's finger as the box dropped to the carpet. They kissed as if that alone would keep them warm and to savor the moment even more.


cait said...

aw, I'm glad they made up.

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