Thursday, December 17, 2009

go go go

Heath had his boom box blaring with Devo's greatest hits. Nick had given him the CD. He couldn't help but listen. At first he promised himself he wouldn't, but he needed something to get him in the mood to unpack.

Of course, it wasn't much. His clothes. He looked around the empty place thinking he wished he had more time. But he'd be teaching tomorrow. And well, he didn't know what he'd be sleeping on tonight.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It surprised Heath. He cut the music and went to answer it. There was Father Keegan with some people from the Parrish. He brought gifts. As in a casserole from the secretary of the school. And a bed along with pots and pans and dishes.

"Really, you didn't have too." Heath looked at them as if he wasn't sure how to thank them properly.

"No problem. Estate sale. Didn't go so well. Leftovers." Father Keegan smiled who was completely white headed with a slight Irish accent.

"What do I owe you?" Heath was sure there was a debt, somehow.

"Not a thing just your gifts you bring to show choir." Father Keegan smiled.

Heath scratched the back of his head not sure how to respond to that. Seriously, he wasn't completely musical. He knew enough, but really, drama was more his forte. And yet he'd spend most of his day teaching history and religion to middle schoolers.

"Of course." Seriously, Heath didn't know what they were expecting. He was to pick up where the last teacher had left off, and she'd had a nervous breakdown. What in the world was he thinking, taking this job? Now. It was either this, subbing and having to be stressed about his group at the group home that had really taken a toll on his nerves. Perhaps he'd have a nervous breakdown too. Just in a matter of weeks.


the oaks said...

glad he's getting some help.

cass and cady said...

This must be so new for him. Scary, even.