Monday, December 28, 2009

bombs away

They took a walk in the late afternoon when the sun finally decided to show for a few minutes. They bundled up and walked around town as if they might want to live there one day. It was big enough. Mainly just a farm and ranch area out on the praire. It had that hometown feel. And they found the park near the court house.

Naturally, they had to have a snow ball fight. It was fun and furious. Definitely serious, at least for a little while and then silly full of laughter.

But Nick pulled back before he gave any hint that he was actually more than just an acquaintence to Heath. People didn't take too kindly to strangers who might be doing strange things. Like holding hands, he supposed.

Yet he was estatic to have Heath all to himself. He couldn't wait to get back to the room and kiss him and hope for more of the same as last night. He just wished they could be together for good. They finally went in to the local diner they found nearby and ordered a mega breakfast consisting of eggs, bacan, sausage, hash browns and pancakes for supper.

Of course, the middle aged waitress had to be nosy about why they were in town.

"This is my cousin," Heath smiled. "I haven't seen him in - in" He looked to Nick.

"I think it was since my Freshman year in high school." Nick nodded all serious.

"We're on our way to see our grandmother." They both looked at her, and were thankful that the coffee was so good and hot.


Birgit said...

You're welcome honey, Yes indeed that is Paolo Nutini. Haha who doesn't, I think he's amazing (&amazingly hot haha)

Ooh `how stupid am I, he's from Harry Potter right?

Thank you for your sweet comment :)x B

maxxie n tony said...

The snowball fight sounds fun..and then to tell her..they were going to visit their grandmother..hahaaaa.

the oaks said...

What a winter vacation!